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A Hellas 18 BR (150HP Boat License Needed)

Charter our speed boat and escape for a private cruise in the blue waters of Rhodes.

An amazing activity that you will adore while in Rhodes!

To rent the 150HP boat without skipper you must necessarily have a boat license.

150HP Yamaha Outboard Engine

One of the coolest rides in the 5,5 meters range! A boat perfectly suited to coastal cruising and fun! Wide enough to move around freely onboard. The Yamaha 150HP gives the boat the power it needs to impress you. It planes fast from beginning and cruise smoothly. Sit back and enjoy the view, relax on the comfortable sofa or enjoy the front lazy sundeck while you listen your favorite music.

Safety first! Our vessels are equipped with a GPS tracker. Anytime of your trip we know your exact position so we can easily locate you. After all you can call us anytime and in case of emergency, we get to you immediately. 


  • A Hellas 18 BR 150HP Yamaha Outboard Engine
  • GPS tracker, life jackets
  • Fully insured
  • Cool box
  • Tend
  • Ladder
  • Anchor
  • Music player
  • CE certified with all safety gear
  • Max 6-7 persons
  • License needed
  • Gasoline is included
  • Length (5,6m)
  • 1 hour 120€
  • 2 hours 200€
  • 3 hours 280€ 
  • 4 hours 340€
  • All day 500€ (10:00-18:00) 

What is needed for a rental?
ID – mobile phone –boat license (for motors more than 30 hp)

What is included in the rental?
A short technical instruction and driving lesson, safety equipment and life wests for kids, sundeck and obviously our assistance always when needed.

Where can I park my car at Beachbumsrhodes?
There is a free parking lot about 100m south from the beach entrance of Beachbumsrhodes.

What happens if I do turn up late for handing back the boat?
Your being late creates problems for us and the following customers. Every delay exceeding 15 minutes has to be paid. In case of delay on turning back the boat the lessee has to pay a supplement of € 60/h.

Do you provide a transfer service?
We provide and it is for free for all our guests that they request to be transferred from/to our watersports center. Details for the pick-up such as meeting spot and time are given during the reservation.

Can I pay by card?
Cash or card is accepted.

Is there anything dangerous in the water?
There are no dangerous species. You have nothing to worry concerning the sea life.

Do I need a boat license to be able to drive a boat? 
No you don’t need any license to drive a boat until 30HP.

I need experience to drive a boat?
No you don’t need. After some minutes of instructions and a small demonstration we will be ready to drive with safety the boat by yourself.

In case of an emergency what can I do?
You can call us any time and we will come to you.

How far from the coast can I go?
Maximum 1 nautical mile from the coast.

Is it safe to drive a boat?
Keep your eyes at the sea while you drive, respect the boat and the sea and safety is guaranteed.

Is there any insurance?
All our vessels are fully insured for bodily injury and property damage resulting from a collision at sea with third parties.

In case of a damage do I have to pay for it?
All our vessels and engines are new and tested with full service before every delivery. We accept no liability for any damage caused by your own fault in the vessel during the charter. In case of a damage the cost has to be paid from the tenant. If the boat is going to be damaged underneath that means you were not careful. Keep a safety distance from the land and nothing will happen.

How long before the rental we have to be there?
Minimum 15 minutes earlier

Can we rent a boat with a skipper?
You can rent a boat with a skipper under request. There will be an additional charge.

I don’t know how to swim is that a problem?
It is not a problem as long as you put on the lifejacket that we will provide you.

Is there any tent on the boat?
We have tents to all our vessels to protect you from the sun.

Is there any minimum age to rent a boat?
You must be at least 18 years old to be able to rent a boat.

Where can I go with the boat?
You can visit Glystra beach, Pefkos, Fokia bay, Ginas islets, Navarone bay, Lionhead passage, St.Pauls bay and Lindos or we can adjust a tailor made trip to your needs.

Do I pay extra for the fuel?
The fuel is included in the price. You don’t pay extra.

Can we get lost?
Our vessels are equipped with a GPS tracker. Anytime of your trip we know your exact position so we can easily locate you. After all you can call us anytime and in case of emergency we get to you immediately. 

Rent a boat

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Why Choose Us

Our intention is to reveal the beauty of our island and to provide our customers with high-quality activities, in the same way that we would like to experience them ourselves. Also, we are geared towards caring for our customers, offering only the best maintained equipment, coupled with the maximum standards for your safety on board.

Our prices are competitive and fair. There are no hidden charges. Any unexpected or additional expenses must be pre-approved by you. That’s how we would like to be treated, and that is how our customers are treated.

  • Brand New equipment
  • Pay on arrival No deposits
  • Pick up and drop off service
  • Full Insurance
  • Customer Care
  • Detailed Safety Briefing

Book with us and we are committed to exceed your expectations.