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Attractions of Rhodes

The most important thing to do in Rhodes is to let yourself be drifted by the colors, smells and light of the island of the Sun. Mix up with locals and feel the hospitality and the warmth of Greece.

Wandering in the Old Town
Don't forget to visit the Castle of the Grand Master, the Hospital of the Knights (now the archaeological museum), Knights st. and Socrates st., walk in the ditch and lose yourself in the narrow medieval streets between today and the past, surrounded by history and civilizations.

An ice cream or a fruit tart in Mandraki harbor
Where the Colossus was standing, according to the legend, now you can see two deer statues, a male and a female, a unique species that only exist in Rhodes island. Walk the ancient harbor to the lighthouse of Saint Nicolas and relax with an ice cream in the sweet shops at Mandraki.

Lose your mind with the sunset from the acropolis of Rhodes
See the remaining of the temple of Apollo, the stadium and the theater. Walk to the edge of the cliff of St. John and see the view of the Ixia golf.

Relax in Kallithea Springs
Built by the Italians and recently renovated. There you can have an amazing day by the sea. Bathe in the crystal waters and order a frappe (ice instant coffee) to help you a bit with the summer heat. Don't forget to visit the Rotonda building.

Walk through the Valley of the Butterflies
In this amazing valley butterflies are not hundreds or thousands, they are millions! During the summer months these butterflies stay here for your eyes only.

Sunset at the castle of Kritinia
Partly rebuild, this Castle has an amazing view to the west Aegean. Climb on its walls and be enchanted by the colors of the most magnificent sunset in Aegean.

Monolithos Castle
Monolithos (= single rock) is what its name says... A huge rock with the remaining of a castle on its top and a small church.

Get to the other side of the tunnel of the Seven Springs
One more natural sight on the island. Follow the little river and pass through the tunnel that lead to the other side where you can continue your walk.

Climb the stairs to Panagia Tsambika Monastery
Local name for Virgin Mary, Tsambika one of the patrons of the island. Climb the stairs to the top and ask the old man that is usually there to tell you the story of this Holly Icon.

Surfing at Prasonisi
Among the top spots worldwide for surfers (wind, kite and all the rest). This amazing place is a strip of sand that connects Rhodes with this small islet called Prasonisi. In the two beaches that are created by this strip you can only see surfers. One side is much easier level with no waves in the sea but much of air. On the other side wind gets stronger and there are usually waves that make things more interesting... If you like walking, walk on Prasonisi till you find the Old Lighthouse.

Gaze Ialyssos from the top of the huge cross at Filerimos monastery
This monastery was built by the Knights of St John on the remains of ancient Ialyssos. On the opposite side of the monastery you will find a gigantic cross in which you can climb and be amazed for one more time.

Wander in the narrow streets of Lindos
See the breath taking view from the Acropolis at the top of the hill. This world famous resort is definitely one of a kind. Dated back to the 10th century b.C. this village will definitely charm you since the first glance from the road turns a few kilometers before you reach there.

Rhodes' beaches are the best!
Rhodes is proud of its shoreline and especially proud of its beaches. Every year 30 or more beaches on the island of Rhodes are awarded with the Blue Flags, an eco-label award. The beaches are selected for their cleanliness and organized infrastructure, making Rhodes the place with the cleanest beaches in the European Union. Furthermore, it was recently announced that Greece has the cleanest bathing water in the EU. Of the 1,526 Greek beaches monitored for bathing water quality, 98% were found to have sea water of a «good» standard and 95.6% achieved the highest standards possible.

Besides these well-known places to visit on Rhodes...
You should also try to visit some of the local fests that take place throughout the year in the small villages of the island. The watermelon fest, the wine fest, the fest of Kremasti and the suma (local drink) fest are just some of the most interesting places to be. Taste the local cuisine in a traditional tavern in Pefkos or in Embona, drink Kumandaria a liqueur made by a herb that grows only on the island or walk in the Rodini Park where Caesars used to take lessons or the rhetoric science and astronomy.

Rent a boat

A unique opportunity to swim at turquoise waters of Navarone bay and visit delusional landscapes of the famous St Paul’s bay under the ancient acropolis of Lindos.

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Get a private cruise

A unique opportunity to visit incredible landscapes and swim in turquoise waters. We take you around the southeast coast to see the most memorable areas in this part of Rhodes.

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Jetski Rental

A high adrenaline activity in south east Rhodes

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